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Based on the attendance maybe it wasn't such a good idea.  Hopefully a lesson has been learned and we can go to actually having the Fall Festival in the Fall.  None the less, Thank you to everyone who attended.  The kids seemed like they had a good time with all the activites after the Parade.  I snapped a few photos.  You can find them in the photo gallery.

The Fall Festival planners have been very busy.  There have been a couple of last minute changes to the schedule, so please take a minute to review it here.  I have been assured that the copy on the website it the final, final copy of the schedule.  Make your plans accordingly.  You might want to bring sunscreen, an umbrella, and a parka.  With the weather lately, who know what might happen that day.  See you there!!

I know it not even offically summer yet, but it's never to early to start planning on attending the Greatest Fall Festival in the land.  The Festival planning people have been planning hard and are planning on you planning on attending, so check out the list of festivites and plan on being there.  Have a Great Summer!!!

The Dexter Museum is changing it's hours for the summer this year.  The Museum will be open to the public on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:00 through the end of October.  It can still be seen by appointment.  See the Museum page here for more details on that.  Make sure you take a few minutes this summer to stop in and say Hi and see the vast array of historical articles on display.  For a little town we have a lot of history.

Summer is nearly upon us.  Personally I thought it would never get here.  But, along with summer comes the Iowa Road Construction season.  This year we will be impacted by the closure of P-48 aka Dexfield Road aka the road that runs north from Drews Chocolates.  I hear the closure starts June 2nd and runs all summer.  Unfortunately that's going to limit access to our historical markers, but I suppose something needs to be done before the road slides down into the river.  Have a great summer!!!

The company that is mapping the world has been back though our fine town.  This time they picked a bright sunny day and spent some time here.  Looks like they mapped most of the town.  All the major paved (?) streets seem to have been covered.  It's an interesting exercise to try to find your house and see how bad the yard looks.  You can check it out on the Google Map page starting with a fine shot of downtown.

The webcam has returned!!  For all you fans of watching my propane barell you can see it here.  There is some new hardware in use this year so hopefully the stablility will be a little better than last year.  My son won't be rebooting the computer everytime his Minecraft game freezes.  My favorites are the sunset pictures.  So all you snowbirds that think you have to go south as soon as the temp dips below 60, check in and see what fun the rest of us are putting up with this winter.