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The webcam has returned!!  For all you fans of watching my propane barell you can see it here.  There is some new hardware in use this year so hopefully the stablility will be a little better than last year.  My son won't be rebooting the computer everytime his Minecraft game freezes.  My favorites are the sunset pictures.  So all you snowbirds that think you have to go south as soon as the temp dips below 60, check in and see what fun the rest of us are putting up with this winter.

How about this heat!!  The Fall Festival was HOT!!  No other way to put it, but it was great, hot or not.  I took a few parade pictures.  Check out the Gallery page to see them.  The Gallup race results are here.  Only a mere 51 weeks till the fun starts all over again.

The front of the museum got spiffied up just in time for the Fall Festival.  The Dexter Horse sign has been reconditioned and an awning was added. Be on the look out for the new bench coming soon.


Can you believe it?  It's almost here again.  The greatest Fall Festival in the land.  For all the important documents that you need to enter the contests see the Fall Festival Page.

If you want to get right to the schedule of events you can find it here.

Clear your schedule and don't miss a moment!!  It's gonna be momentous!!


A while back it was mentioned that National Geographic was in town.  Specifically the cast and crew of the show 'Diggers' made the appearance.  The show now has an air date.  On Aug 14 at 7:00PM  tune in to the National Geographic channel to see what they found.  For more information click the link below.


I know, summer is having a hard time getting here.  Just think though, the Fall Festival will be here in just a handfull of weeks.  August 24-26 to be exact.  Make sure to free up your calendar so you don't miss a moment.  Be on the lookout for the schedule.


They will be here in the middle of April to shoot some film on the little Bonnie & Clyde incident we had a while back.  The one where Bonne and Clyde got shot.  Lots of interest in that for some reason.  Details will be forth coming.  Stay tuned.


Update (a little late):  For those of you who haven't already heard; The National Geographic show "The Diggers" came out to the old Bonnie and Clyde shootout site to do some poking around.  They found a couple of small things, nothing major.  It's my understaning that their stop here will be part of an episode about Bonnie and Clyde.  Stay tuned again.