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I know, summer is having a hard time getting here.  Just think though, the Fall Festival will be here in just a handfull of weeks.  August 24-26 to be exact.  Make sure to free up your calendar so you don't miss a moment.  Be on the lookout for the schedule.


They will be here in the middle of April to shoot some film on the little Bonnie & Clyde incident we had a while back.  The one where Bonne and Clyde got shot.  Lots of interest in that for some reason.  Details will be forth coming.  Stay tuned.


Update (a little late):  For those of you who haven't already heard; The National Geographic show "The Diggers" came out to the old Bonnie and Clyde shootout site to do some poking around.  They found a couple of small things, nothing major.  It's my understaning that their stop here will be part of an episode about Bonnie and Clyde.  Stay tuned again.

I good sign that Spring is finally here is when the Easter Egg hunt is scheduled in the Park and this year it is an all afternoon/evening linup of events.  I'm doing this from memory so a double check might be worth while.  Here goes

At 1:00pm sharp (be a few minutes early) the Big Egg hunt gets under way in the Park.
From 2:00 to 5:00 there will be Games at the Roundhouse.
From 5:00 to 7:00 (maybe 8:00) there will be a Freewill donation Soup Supper at the Roundhouse

This all goes down this Saturday (3/30).  Here's hoping that the rain breaks just long enough to get the big hunt in and then starts up again.  My well needs all the water it can get.


The highly coveted Dexter Museum Calendar for 2013 is in.  They will be available at the upcomming Holiday Bazaar on Nov 17th or the Museum folks would be happy to ship one to you.  Cost is $5.00 for the calendar and $1.50 for shipping.  See the Museum page for contact information or send me a note through the Contact Us page and we'll get one right too you.  They make great holiday gifts for anyone familar with Dexter and the surrounding area.   Supplies are limited. 


Once again the Gas Tank Webcam is up and running.  I finally got the air conditioner out of the window a week or so back and fired up the camera.  You can see it here.  The big attraction this year will be my propane tank in the foreground with our fine town in the distance.  I know it's not terribly exciting watching my propane tank, but on occasion it captures a pretty good sunset.  There have been a few stability issues, but I'm working on that and I'll try and keep it going.  For all you fine folk that bail on us and go south for the winter, leaving us to suffer in the cold, don't forget to check it out on occasion just to see what kind of fun your missing!!


Beggers Night, in Dexter, will be Tuesday, October 30th from 5-7pm.  Get you little goules and gobblins all sugered up.  Can someone tell me why, since Halloween is on Wednesday, Beggers Night is not on Halloween day?  I find that odd...  None the less, be on the lookout for little critters of all types!!


For all of you that decided to skip the Fall Festival this year because of the rain, you missed something special.  Even though there was only about 50 hardy people enduring the rain on Marshall Street to watch the Grand Parade go by it was special.  Any other year the rain would have been an annoyance, this year it was a blessing.  It delayed the Parade by a few minutes, but I didn't mind.  It was nice to just sit and watch it rain for a few minutes and the kids had a great time.  Since the crowd was so thin the candy was flying everywhere.  Certainly a little bit of rain is not going to deter kids from picking up candy and there was plenty to be had.  I don't think it got all picked up even.  A big, giant Thanks goes to the Dexter Lions Club for again sponsoring the event.  Without them there would be no Fall Festival.  Also, Thanks to everybody involved in taking the time to make it happen.

The 5k race results are here.  If anyone else has results they would like me to post contact me here.