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Be on the look out for all the Gouls and Gobblins on Saturday night the 29th.  The "powers that be" have determined that the little tikes can go out from 6 - 8 pm trick or treating that night.  I guess it would really be inappropriate to actually have trick or treat night on Holloween.  What would happen if somebody did go trick or treating on Holloween, would you get a ticket?


It seems the summer has left us, just as fast as it showed up.  Maybe I'm just getting old, but that sure was fast.  Kids are back in school.  Activitites are running in full blast.  The days are getting noticeably shorter and cooler.  It won't be long before old man winter is beating on the door once more.  The good thing in all this is I was able to take the air conditioner out of my window, which means the webcam up again!!  So for all you snow birds heading to the warmer parts of the world and all us other saps trapped in a world of cubicals.  There is a glimps of the world from a 1/2 mile out of town here.  This is the fourth winter for the cam.  Arcives are here, so you can see just how bad the winter of 09 -10 really was.  I mowed the grass and someday we'll get the pool taken down, hopefully before the snow flies.  I really do like Fall, it's just what comes next that I dislike.



I think I got the mess cleaned up.  Seems that some not so nice people from the other side of the world were taking advantage of some security flaw in the software that I was using and were trying to use hidden webpages for a phising scheme.  I'm gonna have to put extra measures in place to make sure this doesn't happen again.  The timing was unfortunate that it happend right around the Fall Festival.  I got some Grand Parade pictures and Dexter Gallup race results.  If you've got anything from the Fall Festival that you would like added to the site please let me know.


The most famous Fall Festival in the land will soon be upon us.  If your anxious to get started planning your weekend you can find a tentative schedule here: .  This schedule is subject to change, but should be pretty close to the real thing.  Please note the Grand Parade starting time is 10:00am.  So if your planning on being in the parade you better be hitting town about 9:00am so you can get lined up and be in the judging.  See you there.  It's gonna be great!!


Just like Iowa isn't it.  One week we are struggling to just stay in the 60's and a couple of weeks later we're baking in the 90's.  Looks like summer is finally here to stay.  Me, personally, I welcome it,  even if we went from one extream to another.  Seems as I get older I dislike the cold more and more.

The kiddies are out of school now, so be on the look out for them small fry's riding their bikes where there not really supposed to.  If you happen to have one come up missing you might check the pot holes around town.  Some of them holes are getting big enough to lose a couple of kids in and their bikes!!

With the new found heat my computer room has suddenly needed some air flow to keep stuff cool.  If your a fan of the webcam, it's gonna be down for a while.  I'm planning on finding it a new home.  I need the window for the fan.  It's the only window in the room.

Have a great safe summer!!


I don't know if your all as excited as me to see the snow go. It's a little early, probably, for me to get my hopes up that this is the big thaw, but I'm gonna take it an run with it for now. My enthusiasm will probably get squashed in a couple of weeks and we'll have the blizzard of the century. Seems the really bad stuff this year, for the most part, has missed us and I must remember that this is Iowa. Nuff said.

For all of you snow birds that are still basking in the warmth of the South of the USA and us poor souls stuck behind a desk all day you can watch the sunshine and the snow melt from the webcam page. There was a little technical difficulty over the weekend due to a software upgrade and it froze the cam for a couple of days, but thats been fixed. Fortunately you can see just how much snow we lost over the weekend in the webcam archive. It's a beautiful sight. Spring is just around the corner.

Remember this:

Our beloved bridge that granted us almost instant access to points east has been closed for what was supposed to just be most of the summer.  Long periods of inactivity seen the orginal completion date come and go, but we waited anxiously.  Well, as of December 16, 2010 the bridge is open and traffic is flowing again.  That just made my day and judging by the reaction around town a lot of other peoples day too.  Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!