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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



I just explode with happiness anytime I see someone trying to use social media to make a political statement. The last few days between teasing Minnesota Vikings fans about the game on Sunday (note to self- they are still mighty sore about losing) and the interesting Tide Pod fad, I found my newsfeeds flooded with people trying to convince me who was really to blame for the government shutdown. You all act like this is some big surprise when it happens. By now you should be fully aware that when one side or the other doesn’t get what they want they find a way to not agree about funding the government so they can tack on other things in order to keep it functioning. In reality it’s like giving a cotton ball to someone who has cut an artery.

It should come as no surprise that it was bound to happen. Between the “Wall” and the “Dreamers”, neither side is really getting their way right now and yet it is as though they both agree on what needs to be funded. I actually heard a congressman on one of the weekend political shows say that “We all agree on the funding, but we have to protect DACA.” Maybe they need to make a rule to only discuss one thing at a time which would take care of a lot of little things that get stuck onto legislation that has absolutely nothing to do with the legislation being passed.

If the wall gets built between the U.S./Mexico border is one thing and honestly is it really going to solve the problem in the end? It’s like saying if you take away all the guns no one will ever get shot? Really? Have you ever been in a college town and thought to yourself, “Hey, fake I.D.’s are illegal so that will keep kids from having them and drinking.” If the will to come to the U.S. is enough those coming into this country illegally will find a way.

As for the “Dreamers”, I get it and yes, welcome to the U.S. Congratulations, now work hard and I hope that you become a champion for this country! My question, and I’m guessing that of many, is why is it taking so long for “Dreamers” to start the process towards citizenship? Isn’t that the end means of the legislation that was designed to protect this group of people? And please don’t post lists after lists of the accomplishments of immigrants, because I’m guessing most of them have begun to work toward citizenship and unless you are receiving a check from the local casino you probably came from someone who immigrated to this country as well.

Maybe we as those who they are elected to represent need to start sending a message to stick to the point and for heaven’s sake try leading for once. If those of us in the cheap seats can understand what needs to be done, why can’t they? Balance a budget, keep government small and out of our lives as much as possible and then go home. It’s not rocket science. Meanwhile….back to teasing Vikings fans. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.