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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Wasn’t I just sitting here at the computer yesterday writing a column? I guess the week has gone by faster than I had thought, and with it, the month. So here are some random thoughts to get us through this next week.

  1. One thousand Four Hundred Sixty. The number of eggs that Max thinks he will have produced in one year with his new chicken coop. He was extremely excited to go pick it up and with very little help from me other than holding a couple of pieces together he had it put together in less than an hour. He now is ready for chickens and informed me that he won’t be charging me for the chicken manure for the garden, since I have to do the chores for him when he isn’t around.

  2. Thunderstorms in January? I’ll take them. Not only does the sound of torrential rain rolling off my roof sound wonderful, it also is a good reminder that Spring is only fifty some days away.

  3. Goat Cam? Highly addictive.

  4. I’m really unhappy with the lies we have been told by our President. Remember how NONE of us poor people were supposed to see our taxes go up? Yeah, that little “Oh, I forgot to mention this tax increase” is costing me anywhere from $50 to $100 a paycheck depending upon my overtime. To say that money is really missed is an understatement.

  5. I am excited to have been asked to judge again at Odyssey of the Mind World Finals again this year. Road trip to Michigan in May.

  6. Anyone found a new cool place to eat lately? I could go for a good tenderloin.

  7. I probably haven’t said anything lately, but I’ve really been enjoying my Wednesday night church group. Even if it sometimes is a bit crazy and there are times I come home shaking my head in amazement, it is all a big part of my healing process.

  8. Ground hog day is coming up. What a great holiday. I’m thinking maybe I’ll go out and try to find one. Unfortunately, the next holiday is that infernal horrid stupid heart holiday that will go unmentioned here.

  9. Finally this week, as we move on into the next couple of months, please remember that the roads are going to be slick some mornings and there are still more snow storms to come probably. If you don’t have someone to drive you to work who knows what they are doing, then you need to take a little more time getting where you are going. Especially around Dead Man’s Curve.

See you next week…remember we are in this together.