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A few weeks off mentally and I’m back.  Of course starting back after any break leads one to ponder all of life’s goodness in the form of a few random thoughts.

1.       Winter, I’m done, sick of you. Go away! Remind me if you will when the temperature starts to climb this summer how much I really disliked winter.

2.      Maybe you got the chance to make it to Dexter on Saturday for the sale at the old grocery store building. I didn’t make it, but thought maybe some would be interested in climbing the old stairs up to the former IOOF hall and look around.  I’ve always said that it would make a great loft apartment for someone with the right energy and talent to make it come true.

3.      We replaced Molly the dog a few weeks ago.  Ella, the Australian shepherd is a fine addition to the family and is constantly nipping at the kids herding them around the house. In her spare time she enjoys terrorizing the cat and leaving gifts for me on the floor.

4.      It goes without saying that we’ve been really proud of the West Central Valley Girls’ Basketball team.  It’s never easy loosing that close to the state tournament but they continue to look better every year.

5.      I’ve managed to heal after being involved in an accident a couple of weeks ago.  After the vehicle I was riding in rolled over and came to a stop, I sat there with my eyes closed and could feel a cold liquid dripping down my head.  I knew for sure that I was bleeding, or worse that I was now wearing the grey matter of the driver, but it turned out to be diet coke. No harm no foul I suppose.

6.      For those of you who have read my column faithfully over the last four years or so, you will remember the “Who wants to date my Cousin Kyle” feature.  Sorry ladies, he’s getting hitched in August.  Now, as you all know we cousins tend to pick on him a little, making sure he ends up with an assortment of hand towels, fancy bath soaps or candles at the annual Christmas gathering.  I’ve been thinking about a proper gift for him and the new bride.  I’m not going to give it away, but if you have any of the afore mentioned items in a garage sale this summer I’m going to be all over them.

7.      The boy celebrates his birthday number six this week.  I tried to convince him that since it was leap year that we were actually skipping it, but he caught on pretty quick.  He’s ready to go camping and has all his gear packed, and I’m pretty sure that he’ll have plenty of time to break things in the house with his new “Rocket Fisherman”.

8.      A hearty hello to my friend out in Nebraska who took the time to drop me a line last week.  Your kind note was just what I needed to get out of the winter blues.  Look forward to hearing from you again.

9.      Finally this week.  It’s a good time to start thinking about spring and planting.  It looks like it might be a wet one, so you may want to consult the Farmers Almanac and just try to sneak things into the garden the first dry day we get.

       See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.