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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



How about we take some time for a few random thoughts?

  1. I apologize in advance to anyone I’ve run into this week and promise never to eat another loaded Italian sub from Arby’s ever again.

  2. Over the past weekend I went with family up to the Minnesota boarder to attend a baptism. While that was the best part, next to the time spent with family, I’m a bit concerned by the three red-winged black birds we saw near the Eagle Grove area. Grandma has always said that the arrival of those little birds is a sure sign of spring, although I’m holding judgment until I see the turkey buzzards.

  3. I want to thank everyone who took part in National FFA week this past week. It was outstanding to see blue and gold support and pride in so many different places. If you want to help make a difference in the life of a young person, or feel that you have a talent or an asset that could help the next generation of agriculturalists please contact your local Ag Advisor.

  4. It will soon be road construction season in Iowa…ugh…

  5. Has your life started to seem a little more hectic and crazy than normal lately? Perhaps you are running at full speed and you wonder where you’re headed? Take a moment and turn back to find the answers to your worries by attending a church near you. Just so you know, they won’t worry why you haven’t been there in a while, or ever, but will be glad that you took the time.

  6. Attention all high school seniors… It is only March. Can you wait another month before you let senioritis rear its ugly head please?

  7. I’ve been waging a war with a rather large opossum who has decided to take up residence under the front porch the last few weeks. After being evicted from the nesting box in the chicken house you think it would have gotten the hint and wandered off to some wildlife safe place. I’m beginning to think it is mocking me by only showing itself while I’m never close enough to the gun to do anything about it.

  8. Note to self…always check the expiration date on the bologna before taking it for lunch every day of the week.

  9. Finally this week…The youngest turned 14 this week and I’ve begun to notice how much of a man he is starting to grow into. It makes me feel much older however I’m finding some solace in the fact that I can still grow a better beard than he can, even if he is taller than I am now.

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.