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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



If one ever had just enough of winter, it is I. Not only have I suffered through broken water pipe after broken water pipe, I’ve dealt with a furnace that has only wanted to run when I’ve been paying nonstop attention to it. I like winter because I don’t sweat as much and there aren’t any bugs but I’m putting my foot down…enough! So, here is a list of this I would be doing if it were warm,

  1. I would be cleaning the house. Since I’ve decided to wait and fix all the broken water lines once there is no chance of them freezing again I’ve been pretty lax on cleaning the house and it sure needs it.

  2. I would sit on my porch in shorts and a t-shirt drinking lemonade. Man that sounds good.

  3. I would be preparing for baby chickens. Although I’m prepared for the brooding process in my kitchen in April, I’m still not as far along building a new chicken coop as I would like to be.

  4. I would be napping less. If it was warm, there wouldn’t be a need to lay under a blanket on the couch, which as one knows only leads to excess napping.

  5. I would be much taller. I know it sounds strange, but as you get older you notice that you walk in sort of a crouch most of the time when it is slick out. If it wasn’t so slick I wouldn’t be crouching as much.

  6. I would be counting the days to that first corn dog.

  7. I would be preparing to plant my garden. Of course that would be quickly followed with me complaining that I need to spend more time weeding the garden!

  8. I would be enjoying a good spring thunderstorm. I was thinking the other day how different it is to lose your electricity during a winter storm than it is a spring one. I’m going to remember that in the future.

  9. If it were warmer I would be excitedly watching for Iris blooms and the peonies to start to display their wonderful blossoms.

  10. And finally, if it were warm right now I’d be spending more time out walking that huddled under this blanket with my laptop and flashlight hoping that spring would get here soon.

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together!