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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



From the time we are little we dream of things we can do. It’s all a part of growing up, that urge we all have to learn something new, to take a challenge and to discover some hidden talent within ourselves. Although as we get older we might take less chances and probably wouldn’t put forth the effort to accomplish all those crazy things we would like to, but it’s not to late to start.

On the drive home the other night I was thinking about all those things I wanted to learn to do someday….to conquer, to master, to at least try. Not so much of a bucket list, because it isn’t really a list of things I must do, but rather a list of things to refer to if I had some spare time. So as you read through this week’s column, maybe you’ll find that you have a few things of your own…and if one of the things on your list is spending the day at the Fair with someone who knows all the insides and out, I’d sure be willing to hear your trade.

Note to self- These are things you’ve always wanted to do….

  1. Learn to play the guitar. I know it sounds silly, but if you could half master the piano, how crazy could the guitar be? Oh sure, the mandolin would be much more of a chick magnet, but it seems to take up an awful lot of energy.

  2. Learn to balance your checkbook. No, writing a check and then sticking the receipt in the flap in the checkbook is not balancing it. Come about we master this one before you turn 45?

  3. Spend a week where you didn’t know anyone, doing things to help people. I know it sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it?

  4. Take that leap of faith and submit your writing and get it published. Sometimes the scariest step is the first one…besides, if your falling you really have no choice but to move forward right?

  5. Learn to make pickles….I mean seriously..every year we plant enough cucumbers to choke out the rest of the garden but you never use them. So as soon as you’re done figuring this out…how about you learn to can tomatoes too?

  6. Travel to Germany, and to the American Cemeteries in France. And while you’re at it, a few days in Rhode Island, and maybe driving up the coast to Maine wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  7. Find an antique car and spend summer weekends driving across Iowa to visit all those out of the way places you’ve always wanted to visit.

  8. I’d like to learn how to get a good nights sleep….without my brain working overtime, without waking up two or three times a night, and without waking up in the morning wishing I could stay there.

  9. I’d like to live fearlessly…to be strong, to roar at the world, to have courage. Oh sure, you might have to visit the Wizard for this one I suppose.

OK, so maybe my list seems a little crazy? I’m sure there are many other things I could have put on my list, and some on here that will just be jotted notes on a piece of paper that never get noticed, but dream big, imagine the impossible and step off the side of that cliff and just let yourself soar…

See you next week…Remember, we’re all in this together.