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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



In honor of the weather forecasters who can’t seem to decide how much snow we get and when it is coming how about we spend a little time this week with some random thoughts?

  1. There are few things that happen these days that make me wonder what people are thinking. I’ll be honest, I tend to stay out of town politics these days, but facebook has blown up last week. As I hear it, the Dexter city council is thinking about closing the library. Now I’m not sure what is truly behind this, and granted sometimes postings on facebook tend to spread like the old telephone game so I’ll hold judgment in check until we have a few more facts.

  2. Due to the snow on Sunday I had to abbreviate my trip to Walnut down to a couple hours. Dinner at Aunt B’s Café was satisfying if not strange, and one really needs to take the time to go shop to shop to find good deals. The best friend a barterer could have was a smart phone in help with looking up prices, although getting any cell reception there that day was somewhat iffy.

  3. Perhaps the most interesting thing on the journey Sunday was the site of a B-24 crash in 1944 just south of Walnut. Along side the road stands a model of the plane along with a sign talking about the airmen who died in that crash. And people say that Iowa isn’t interesting.

  4. I went to Adel to the Parade of Bands night last week. Interesting combination of students from 5th grade to high school. I found it most interesting that Max is the only Coronet player in the entire school district. So does that make him 1st chair?

  5. I did spend a bit of time Saturday in Earlham at the high school. For those of you who thought you were getting invaded, Saturday was the South Central District FFA convention. Kudos to the members, staff and FFA Alumni for hosting a great day. You should all be very proud of the work that was done.

  6. As I sat in the auditorium that day for the general session, I thought back 25 years ago this very week. Although I can’t remember which school we were at for sure, perhaps it was Chariton or Mt. Ayr, I still remember like it was yesterday sitting in those seats nervously awaiting the announcement of the new district officer team. Saturday night when I got home I wrote a note to those six very special men and women who I would share that year with as a District FFA officer. They mean as much to me today as they did back then, and yes…opening ceremonies still can give me the chills.

  7. If you weren’t sick of the FFA discussion, I want to take a moment to commend the Earlham community for getting their FFA Alumni Chapter up and going. It is important for former members and those in the agricultural community to support our young people and this is an excellent way! And just in case you are feeling left out, old Dexfield, Stuart-Menlo and West Central Valley FFA members should keep their eyes open in the next couple of weeks as the WCV FFA Alumni chapter gets off the ground.

  8. Don’t cuss the snow too much. Remember, every little bit helps come time to start setting tomatoes.

  9. This weekend my oldest turns 15. Hard to imagine how fast she has grown up. It doesn’t seem that long ago, when she was sneaking across the room in her Teletubbies footie pajamas and telling me how much she loved pickles and the kitties. I know that it is harder now, for sometimes she would much rather not be reminded that to me she is still a toddler, but no matter how old she gets, I hope she knows that she will always be my number one and I love her to pieces.

  10. Am I the only one hooked on Vatican Television this week?

  11. I’m managing the sleep part of daylight savings time, however the whole eating supper at eight o’clock at night because I feel it should be dark is starting to give me heartburn at night.

  12. Finally this week, there is a voice from far away that has been calling out to me lately. I’ve been trying to be very still and listen to what that voice has been trying to say, but I just can’t seem to make out the words. I just want them to know not to give up sending the message. At some point my brain will clear up and it will come through loud and clear.

See you next week….remember, we’re all in this together.