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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Have you been paying attention to the world around us? For those of you who thought Sara Palin was a nut case, you might want to reconsider that remark, since she called the strife happening in the Ukraine right now six years ago. The people, unhappy with the governmental alignment with Russia and Vladimir Putin have taken to the streets to protest. The President of that country has stepped down and the entire government is in chaos. Just perfect for the former KGB officer the “democratically elected” Putin. Of course he isn’t about to let the Ukrainian people make up their own minds about how they will control the government and who they will align themselves with, no he is going to send troops in and cause trouble.

It is safe to say that although the Soviet Union broke apart some 25 years ago, there is still enough belief that the government is the end all be all in that region that when Russian troops entered the Crimean area, Ukrainian troops did a French thing and pretty much just let them do whatever they wanted to do.

So what does this mean to you and me? How is the move from Russia to attempt to absorb this now free country back into the territory long held by Russian and Soviet power?

One only needs to look at the territory of the Ukrainian landscape to understand it, especially because that country is closer to Iowa than you think. Like Iowa, the Ukraine holds 1/3 of the earth’s black soil. Agriculture which is a very important part of the economy here, can ultimately become the largest portion of the Ukrainian economy with advances in that country based on American agricultural practices.

The Ukrainian people are much like Iowans. Hardworking, honest, diligent and ready to help and stand beside their fellow man. Unfortunately Putin, who still can’t figure out how to make the Russian economy work, went back to the old Soviet way of finding a free nation that has what they need and instead of setting up trade, decided it was in the best interest of Russia to invade that free nation. And what have our leaders done as this happened? Oh sure there were some phone calls made, and some harshly worded idle threats sent, (we will see if all trade with Russia has been truly cut off by the time this article is printed), but as has served this administration so well in the past is continuing on.

Rather than dealing with a foreign problem or one here at home, the Obama administration has found it easiest to play the “ignore it and maybe it will go away” card. So while Russia continues to invade an independent free country, all in the name of conquering ground and economic wealth, our President took a vacation. A vacation. That President of ours sure has a way of tackling problems head on doesn’t he?

Unfortunately he is probably going to get a pass on this because even the United Nations are playing the dumb card when it comes to Putin. It is too bad we don’t have leaders who can lead, and who are willing to stand up to the bullies of this world. We will continue to pray for the Ukrainian people, and hope that they will continue to live on as a free people, rather than becoming the unwanted houseguests of a bully despot.

See you next week, remember….we’re all in this together.