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One of the perils of being a successful newspaper columnist is sometimes one finds themselves outside of their comfort zone and forgetting who they are, suddenly starting to write columns on subjects they know nothing about. Luckily I caught myself this week before I hit the send button on a column discussing the many uses of humus. So let’s stick with what I know…random thoughts…ready kids?

  1. First off, congratulations Earlham Cardinals on your boys basketball state tournament bid. Very cool!

  2. I believe humus was invented by someone who lacked a sense of humor.

  3. While I’m congratulating, West Central Valley’s James Sullivan and Earlham’s Lexie Kliegl both deserve a giant pat on the back. Both young people were elected to serve on the South Central District FFA Officer team this past weekend. Lexie and James, I hope that the bond you form with your fellow officers lasts as long as the bond I formed with mine 25 plus years ago.

  4. Attention all cranky people…The Sun is out…it is warm….take off your parka and sit in the light for a while will you?

  5. Three feet of bacon on a bacon wrapped pizza? Sign me up…Pizza Pizza!

  6. It’s almost time for baby chickens….I better get room in the kitchen cleaned up and ready for them!

  7. I’m not doing so well with the time change. Honestly if we are going to lose and hour of sleep, then we should get to come to work an hour later all week in order to adjust.

  8. Feel like having some fun this Sunday in church? Lean over to the person next to you during the silent prayer and whisper quietly, “Pull my finger?”

  9. In great news..McDonald’s new CEO announced that by 2016 none of their chicken will come from chicken who have been fed or given antibiotics. Unfortunately, it still isn’t clear if their chicken will contain actual chicken.

  10. I saw my first boxelder bugs today. It’s started…everyone panic!

  11. Finally this week…the crud is still going around, so remember to cover that cough and take a minute to smile at someone who needs it. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.