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  1. The weather is almost too nice. Just in time for Spring break around here, although it’s giving me a horrible case of Spring fever at work. Cough..Coughh..Coughh….I feel that 24 hour cold coming back on…
  2. Have you driven around Dexter lately? Wow! If ever there is going to be a need for a new business in town I’d say someone who deals with suspensions and tires could make a killing. There’s one pothole in particular near the Methodist Church that could swallow a small car whole I bet.
  3. Maybe the town should consider selling its potholes to someone…Well, come on…they thought selling the Roundhouse sounded like a dandy idea….
  4. Speaking of Spring weather. The corn furnace isn’t quite sure what to make of it. In order for it to keep lit it goes into a low fire cycle, yet when the temperature inside the furnace gets high enough it has to dump that heat somewhere and then kicks the blower on. It was 83 degrees in the house the other day. I loved it. However, I’m going to have to start shutting the furnace down in the morning and restarting it in the evening I think.
  5. Over in Stuart there’s still debate about where to build the new town hall. It seems the owner of the Masonic Temple (the one with the big clock) have lowered the price. If this doesn’t happen then say goodbye to the Carnegie library (one of the few given to such a small community) and the old city hall. As strange and outdated as both of those buildings are, if you tie them with the old Depot there and the Hotel Stuart (which someone desperately needs to buy and turn into a Bed and Breakfast with a quaint little coffee shop in the lobby) they are a grand set of period buildings.
  6. Hey, Have you stopped in and said Hi! To John at the grocery store in Earlham yet? Well what are you waiting on? It’s going to be time to grill soon and I have it on high authority that he can set you up with some amazing cuts to make any BBQ a hit!
  7. Still no Melody Makers CD yet. Sigh…..Almost makes me want to give up Coconut Crème pie for Lent. Oh wait..Lent already started.
  8. On a personal note, got a dandy email from my friend Ted the other day. Really wanted him to know that I appreciated it, but I’m concerned that there my be a footwear OSHA violation in that photo.
  9. Facebook… Ok…those of you computer savvy people know what I’m taking about. A great group of former Dexfield Alumni got together Saturday night because of a group started on Facebook. What a great time seeing old friends again! And no…just in case you were going to ask…I left before they started singing the school song! Can you remember the words to yours?
  10. Finally this week. Are you old enough to remember moving day in the country? I was debating this the other night, whether it was the first of March or first of April? The day when renters moved to new farms? Maybe you were a youngster back then and have a story to tell of moving day? Drop us a line, I’d love to hear it.

See you next week. Remember, we’re all in this together.