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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Just a few thoughts from some random news stories from around the world that have caught my fancy this week.

  1. It is always good to see journalism at work. If any one missed it, the head of the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union told the Register last week that the old sign that used to hang on the wall of Vet’s at every state tournament was in deplorable condition, beyond repair and he had ordered it destroyed. Low and behold in the paper on Sunday was a great article with damming photos that showed not only had the sign not been destroyed but still looked as great as ever. There are a couple of people who look like heals in this story in my opinion. First the guy who said it should be thrown out, and then the folks at the Hall of Pride in Des Moines who weren’t exactly as excited as one would expect when offered the chance to have the old sign for their museum which touts sports in Iowa. Regardless when things such as this are found and can be preserved they should be. Anyone who ever attended or watched a girls tournament game will remember fondly the big lighted sign board. It’s a piece of all of us and who we are. We don’t just throw things out because we are trying to put the past: alla the 6-on-6 game behind us.
  2. I noted an article on today’s web news sources that told of an elderly who died during a plane flight. In the article it described as how there was no room to move the body from economy class so she was moved to first class much to the chagrin of the passengers there for the rest of the 5 hour flight. I guess now we know the secret to getting our seats upgraded.
  3. Proving that there are parents competing for the “Darwin parent of the year” award is a story out of Shreveport, Louisiana. A first grader who had an excellent working knowledge of crack cocaine decided to bring his mothers “rock” to school for show and tell. Reminds me of another story about a youngster taking a battery operated device to school a few years ago, but I’m sure I can neither print nor discuss that story in public.
  4. If anyone is still wondering, I’ve made my annual contribution to the work March Madness pool. Thanks Bob Knight. That’s $5 I’ll never see again.
  5. Kudos to the ISU women and wrestlers. Keep that banner hung proudly. Also to the Drake women. I loved that the comments on the Sunday before selection day stated they didn’t care who they played…heck, they’d even take on Tennesse. They did…for at least the first half. The second half reminded me of an AAU basketball game I was a part in back in 7th grade. Coach put me in at half time and told me just to foul as many people as I possibly could. I believe the final score was 115-24. And no, we didn’t win, but I did have three steals, two assists, one basket and 6 fouls. Don’t ask about how I got the 6th foul.
  6. Another interesting article in Sunday’s Register was the piece in the opinion page about the 39th Iowa. Those of you civil war buffs will know what I mean. Not much is written about that day at Alatoona, GA or the men who served. A great read for any local history buff.
  7. In case you were wondering Anna Nicole Smith and James Brown are both still dead.
  8. Finally this week, WCV voters will be going to the polls on Tuesday to vote on yet another bond issue concerning a new high school and remodeling of the Stuart building into an elementary. The three local blogs have been busy lately with sides taking up insults against the others again and no one really sure what information is correct and what is not. I’m beginning to wonder what the plan really is for the school district after this vote, but regardless it should be interesting.

I hope you all have a great week and that the warm weather is here to stay. See you next week, remember… we’re all in this together.