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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Ode to Spring

We struggled to survive the harsh cold and dreary darkness of winter, to awaken and stretch our arms wide in the calm warmth of 40 degree sunshine.  This lead us to coming down with head colds, sniffles and the flu for not wearing enough clothing.

Oh how I love spring.

The first few green shoots struggle through the carpet of rotting brown leaves and white stems of grass as they struggle to grow into beautiful pastel colors of the first spring flowers as bunnies skitter through the yard.  Oh look at the bunnies....there are lots of bunnies. On my gosh there are bunnies everywhere eating all the green shoots. Someone stop the bunnies.

Still I like spring.

Spring means chores. There are the tattered remnants of window plastic to be removed and thrown out.  You open the windows to air out the house only to realize you now have to dust as dirt and dead insect carcasses swirl around in the air.  There are rocks in the yard from the snow plow to rake back into the driveway and soon it will be time for mowing.  You quickly realize that you forgot to drain the gas in the fall as you spend the next three hours in small fits of rage because the mower won't start. You return back into the house only to find that not only does everything smell like smoke thanks to the neighbors who decided to burn leaves all day but that every fly in three counties decided your house was the warmest place to take refuge from the chilly night air.

Still spring is sorta alright I guess.

Spring means tillage and planting season.  There are new animals to be born and tended to.  Everyone in the fields at one time leading to fourteen hour days at work . So much work which means overtime pay which is taken mostly by taxes.  It means short nights of little sleep and dressing in dirty clothes because there is only time to eat and sleep and work.  And coffee fueled days much coffee that I now have a Columbian accent and my flatulence now smells like dark roasted non dairy creamer. is spring. Maybe I'll go back to bed for six weeks until summer arrives.  See you next week...remember we're all in this together.