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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



As strange as it may sound, Spring is the wonderful time of year when the world really starts to awaken after Winter’s long grip has finally released itself, almost as if the world has been kick started again after being frozen in place.

In offices and schools, adults and children start to get the itch that comes every Spring when the weather makes it easier for one to go outside and actually enjoy it. Along with the warmth and a few more hours of sunlight with each passing week comes spring storms. One of life’s greatest wonders is the storm.

Sitting on the front porch in the warm evenings listening as the bullfrogs call out their cadence one’s mind drifts back to those same nights that come upon us after a smothering hot day. The way that the wind begins to die down as the last few traces of sunlight start to roll towards the western horizon. And suddenly through the darkness small flashes of light appear followed by the distant roll of thunder.

How many of you can remember the feel of your first storm? The way that the air seemed so very still that you wondered if you would not suffocate simply by being there, to only begin to feel the slightest cool breeze against your skin as the cold front begins to edge closer. Then listening to the rain as it comes towards you, the sound of it hitting the leaves of the corn as it begins to wash towards you like a tidal wave? And then the smell that comes as the rain begins to fall around you, washing off your little corner of the earth and giving life to the soil.

I’m sure everyone strains to listen to the thunder after seeing the flash of the lightning, counting the seconds between them and desperately trying to remember how to turn those seconds between senses into miles the storm is from you.

While they may chase some indoors and ruin outside plans, and even still terrorizing some of you, there is something to be said for a good rain storm, and the memories they hold.

See you next week, remember…We’re all in this together.