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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



I’ve been thinking that warmer weather is just around the corner and when I saw a red winged black bird this weekend I’m convinced that we are done with this cold weather. At least that is what I’m going to remind myself when it snows three inches tomorrow. So in that respect, let’s share a few moments with some random thoughts.

  1. I’m not going to lie, this has been the worst winter I can remember. Until this time next year when I say that this coming winter was the worst one I remember. I hate winter.

  2. I’m excited for baby chickens, planting a garden and mowing the yard.

  3. I’m equally looking forward to quiet evenings on the front porch watching the sun set.

  4. I’ve been extremely lucky the last few weeks to get time to work with some amazing young people. Although it has been a few years since I’ve worn the blue jacket, it is really fun to be around them and seeing that they are enjoying FFA as much as I did.

  5. Have you ever noticed how much money is spent just to protect one persons pride? Sometimes is should occur to us that rather than being so stuck on what we think is in our own best interest, that we forget to look at the big picture and what is good for the group as a whole.

  6. I’m disappointed in the leadership of this country (yet again). Many years ago, Russia gave Crimea to Ukraine. This would be similar to the federal government saying to Maryland, “Ok here’s the District of Columbia, and it’s up to you to deal with it and run it.” Then suddenly the country went to pot and the next thing you know they (Russia) wants their little place on the beach back. Putin’s comment that aren’t the Americans truly interested in freedom, should have been met with a firm roundhouse to the jaw. Yes, we do believe in freedom, but if you are only allowing a people to vote themselves free in order to scoop them up and take them over it isn’t really freedom is it? In fact this has happened before and if I’m remembering correctly, it all started with a little “retaking” of Austria and those countries no one wanted like Poland and France.

  7. It is really starting to be fun to be an Iowa State fan lately. There are few things I enjoy more than seeing Roy Williams lose any kind of game. It’s just fun watching the mens basketball team and that Fred can sure coach rings around people.

  8. Last week I shared my daughter’s state speech selection, and then I find out that the Glenwood police actually arrested some knuckle dragger for attempting to sell drugs during that competition. Sure, I remember being a kid and knew where drugs were available, but I don’t remember ever being somewhere where someone was brazen enough to come and try to set up their own shopping center.

  9. Finally this week, as we go through the Lenten season, I encourage you to take some extra time to stop and think about what your life has been about lately. Are you being encouraging of others? Are you walking with Christ in your daily life? So many times we lose sight of what is important, really important in our lives. So take a little time and reach out to someone and show them how Christ can work through you.

See you next week. Remember…we’re all in this together.