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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



†††† I worked in the yard a little this weekend.It was too cold to really get the blood flowing enough to work up a good sweat, however one could work without getting worn out.I trimmed a few trees and took the time to pick up a winters worth of garbage and sticks and branches that had found their way across the yard.Moved the camper which had served as a windbreak for the north side of the house and burnt off the garden and took a look at how the evergreens fared.

†††† I attempted to fire up the lawn mower, but it didnít quite have enough juice to turn over so with a little warmer weather and a quick charge it should fire up fast when it comes time to mow the yard.I am guessing that it may have also been someone telling me that I could actually use the exercise walking things across the yard to the burn pile rather than using the cart to transport a great mass of branches in one trip.

†††† Finally I felt that I needed a break. I brushed off the deck chairs on the porch and sat down staring at the tree that sits directly south of the porch.The kids have their sandbox at itís base and if Iím not careful about keeping the poison ivy from sprouting it will get me when I trim around it.The feeder for the goldfinches hangs from one of its branches and I think back to playing under that same tree as a boy.

††††† Iím not sure why, but for what reason Iíve felt the need to build something for my kids.I sat there looking at that tree and began to think that it just might work to put a tree house in.I had always wanted one as a boy.My brothers and I used an old abandon chicken house as our play fort (until my brother burnt it down one day when we were ďburning off grass in the grove") and spent many hours in there.I suppose we can now look back and thank not having a tree house for the fact that we never had a broken bone in the group.We played in the corn crib, barnís hayloft, out in the grove and anywhere else we could find that was just outside of the range of Moms sight, but close enough so we could smell lunch when it was ready.

††††† Iím not sure that Iíll get to that tree house this year, but I do have some free time and a little imagination, so weíll see what happens with the summer and perhaps Iíll just increase the boys medical insurance just a bit.

†††† See you next weekÖremember, weíre all in this together.