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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



You went to church on Sunday morning and after the kids ran around the yard bundled up like they were going into the artic in search of Easter eggs, you are now sitting there looking at assorted candy wrappers scattered across the floor and wondering just what was in the message of Easter. Holidays can sometimes be like that, they hype you all up and you do your duty only to sit around afterwards and wonder just what were you supposed to get out of all of the rush. It’s actually quite easy to get overinvolved and miss out on the true message.

Leading up to the Easter holiday the message isn’t pleasant. Suffering, pain and death aren’t really great messages and if you spend time actually looking into the details of crucifixion it will make your heart hurt a bit by just how horrible it really was. Then on Easter morning the message is of an empty tomb, of prophesies that have come true. In the space of three days we are given death and resurrection which can be a little confusing sometimes and if that was the only Sunday you spent in church listening to that message when you walk out into the world what do you carry with you? What more is there of the story and message that you need to know?

We all do stupid things throughout our lives. Even the most ardent Christians sin, it is just part of who we are. Even when we try our best we fail at times and we mess up. Instead of carrying around that sin though, through Christ’s death we have been given forgiveness for our collective sins. It wiped the slate clean (even though there are more than enough people willing to judge and remind you of the sins) if we will only repent of those sins and follow God.

What you should carry with you as you move further away from Easter is the message of God’s grace within your life. He loves you without end. It is because of his grace that when you are at your lowest point and in your darkest hours that HE doesn’t give up on you. It is his grace that will save you from those things in your life that are working against you. It may not help you clean up those little foil wrappers that cover the chocolate eggs, but it will carry you through any event in your life. And that my friends is a message worth remembering. See you next week. Remember we’re all in this together.