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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



This week itís back to random thoughts.

  1. Iíve been thinking about making a bucket list. A list of things I want to accomplish before I kick the bucket. Itís interesting when one starts to think of the things they would like to accomplish. What would be on your list? Is it a bad thing that the first thing on my list is to take a nap?
  2. Always nice to hear from my Nebraska fan. She was reminding me of all the wonderful things that took place at the Roundhouse from her youth. Although thereís an age span there I remember the old wood bleachers and how each Christmas we would watch cartoons there and then Santa would show up on the fire truck and each of us got an orange and a bag of peanuts. Now I just need to sit down and send her a letter asking her to tell me about the businesses in town when she was young..and her memories, if any of the depot? Oh my, I think I just did.
  3. Took a drive about Penn township on Sunday. I was going stir crazy in the house and needed to get out. Didnít see too many in the field but it will be coming soon I know.
  4. So it looks as though the Ethonal plant in Dexter is dead in the water. The developers have gone to the county asking for the opportunity to offer the property for other uses, (one of which may or may not involve a cattle feedlot?). Now, believe me when I say we could have really used a shot in the arm that the plant would have brought around here, but after sitting on my porch and being able to see the eyesore from Menlo blazing like the sun going super nova in the middle of the night, Iím kind of ok with not adding more light pollution to the area.
  5. The hostas and irisí and peonies are starting to peak their heads out of the ground, and when I went out to clean off the garden this weekend I found the rhubarb already making a go of it.
  6. Iím not sure it needs repeated here, but I am of the firm belief that our elected leaders at the Statehouse do not have the best interests of the citizens of this state in mind. Iíve always said watch which way the money flows and it will tell you a lot of the reason certain laws are brought into existence.
  7. The youngest lost one of his front teeth on Saturday night, so not only did the Easter Bunny show up, the Tooth Fairy did as well. He told me that I needed to go to bed early because the two of them didnít get along very well: he watches too many cartoons, and he didnít want me to get caught in the crossfire.
  8. Just going to say it now. If you see me out in the woods sometime in the next few weeks, umÖwellÖIím bird watchingÖYes! Thatís it! Bird watching is what I am doing. And yes I know it may look like Iím searching for birds on the ground, but itís in the name of science. Promise.
  9. Finally this week, Iíve come to realize more and more how much things change as I grow older. The key is figuring out which things to fight and which to embrace when the change comes.

See you next week. Remember, weíre all in this together.