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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."




With the start of a new month we look back and wonder when Winter will ever end around here. Oh sure, there isn’t snow on the ground, but these warm days and cold nights are doing strange things with my bones. I say it’s a great time to snuggle up on the couch and spend a few minutes with some rather warm random thoughts.

  1. Why don’t we start right off with the “things that keep me up at night” category. I was reading about the prehistoric man they found on the south side of Des Moines recently. As should happen the work on the new sewer system there stopped while the archeology team came in to do their stuff. What fascinated me, and has me perplexed at the same time was a comment at the tail end of the story that said the remains would be studied and documented before being buried in a state owned cemetery that was off limits to the public. That part makes me curious. Where is it and who else is buried there?

  2. The beautification of the late Pope John Paul II is an interesting subject and if I understand right, means there only needs to be one more miracle attributed to him and then he is given sainthood. I won’t begin to discuss the theological oxymoron that this brings about. I will however say that for some of us, who aren’t even Catholic, he was already a saint. Just in case I’ll be happy to attribute any sudden surge in my wealth to him.

  3. I think we were all shocked and surprised by the news of Bin Laden’s death on Sunday. From crowds cheering in the street to the outpouring of support for our military it was good to see that American spirit back for a time. In all honesty I had two thoughts when I heard the news. First of great concern for the people everywhere who will be targeted by his lunatic followers, and secondly the interesting political spin that has been put to this “operation”. I’m a little unnerved to be honest to know that our President…yes, I said “our”…basically put out a contract to take another persons life. So let’s give the President a little credit and let him have his moment in the sun, but could we hurry up and get back to the important little issue of an economy that’s in the crapper please? It’s an uneasy feeling not knowing who the real enemies are now. But if there are any radicals reading this who are looking for someone to take retribution on, may I suggest Fred Phelps and his followers?

  4. This may shock some of you but I’m going to say it anyway. You will not have seen the worst of the economic crisis in this country if gasoline ends up over four bucks a gallon this summer and stays there. I said it years ago when we went through the high gas prices that the mortgage system wasn’t entirely to blame for the demise of our economy. It was easy for me to understand ever week when I spent more and more of my income on gasoline to get back and forth to work and less and less on being able to pay bills.

  5. You can always tell when baseball and softball season starts when the noses of your coworkers whose kids play sniffle more during the day. I love ballgames but when I have to wear a heavy coat it’s a little out of hand. The oldest and I also discovered an important fact tonight while at a game. Nachos are great, but they only do one thing…make you hungry for more nachos!

  6. I lost a good friend this week with the sudden passing of Lila Love. My second big break in the newspaper business came because of the Love family, and although I had known her for years, her kindness towards me and jolly and fun teasing was always welcomed. I will miss her dearly but there’ll be a special place for her in my memory of special Dexter people from my youth.

  7. State Fair is only a few months away. Yes, I realize that for one person in the readership if I don’t list the hours until the Fair opens, then I’m not really doing my duty, but I’ll just close my eyes and dream of corndogs for now. I can’t get too wound up or I’ll never get to sleep at night.

  8. A great big “Way to Go!” to Brad Waldron and all the gang at the Rusty Duck in Dexter…voted “Best Burger in Iowa” this week. We’ve known that for a long time and I hate to tell you, it will only mean you better get there early to get a table from now on.

  9. I’m beginning to wonder if I need to replant part of my garden. Those poor seeds have been in the ground an awfully long time now.

  10. Finally this week, Sunday is Mothers Day. I want to just take a minute to say thank you to all the Moms I have had the honor to be a son to. No matter where we go in life, Mom always seems to be the most important part of it, even when we don’t really act like it. From Momma Sammons to my own mom I love each one of you dearly.

See you next week…Remember, we’re all in this together.