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An open letter to my daughter and her roommate,


Ladies, by the time you will see this, all of your finals will have been taken and both of you will be packed up and ready to return home after your first successful year of college. I’m sure you can understand how proud we are as your parents that you have made it past your first two semesters and come out the other side. We also know how weird you both can be at times, which makes us wonder how you lived together without hating each other at this point.

Life at college was full of temptations, new things to explore and the ability for you to make your own decisions. I’m glad that you made good choices and relied on each other to keep yourself accountable and build not just a roommate relationship, but a bond as sisters. You’ve shared late night conversations when you should have been sleeping and hours decorating your door when you should have been studying, but through it all you kept each other in line, you kept each other accountable and made sure that you both finished this first year with passing grades.

As each of you return back home, it is important to remember that this period will be a readjustment for everyone involved. Your family at home is not used to eating pre-lunch, or post supper at midnight and we generally go to bed once the news is over. For the last six months you’ve had free reign to come and go as you wanted so don’t be surprised the first time you get a text asking where you are, or a strange look when you get ready to walk out of the house to go get a cup of coffee at two a.m. (Seriously…who drinks coffee at that time of the morning unless they are a trucker or a security guard?) It is further important for you to remember that the home kitchen is not like food service. You will soon learn that the cereal that your mom wouldn’t buy that you became used to eating at school is still cereal that she won’t remember to put in the shopping cart. Also there is one meal that is made so don’t expect to have a choice between pizza, a burger or a burrito at every meal.

We are excited to see you and understand that you’ve grown up this year, so be patient with us when we ask too many questions or want to spend too much time with you. I hope you will stay in touch with each other and that you’ll realize that the summer break won’t last very long at all. Before you know it you’ll be back in school and creating more memories and solidifying that bond that you two share that will last a lifetime. Good work out of you…Love, Padre

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.