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It's another week of good food ideas if you happen to be making a road trip to southwest Iowa.
     In the quaint town of Oakland one will find the Buck Snort which used to be the highway 6 diner.  Located south of the main business district which is beautiful and worth a trip to enjoy the architecture, the restaurant and bar feature a little fancier fare than you would think of when it comes to bar food.  Their signature burger is called the Donkey and features a third pound burger with beef brisket piled on and smothered in BBQ sauce and topped with three giant onion rings. 
      It was good and tasty but a little on the pricey side for a quick lunch menu item.  Considering the main source is fast food in town the Buck Snort rates as a place to visit if you're hungry and not headed elsewhere.
       The real gem this week was the Downtowner Cafe in Atlantic.  Tucked off the Main business street across from the Little Cobbler which will hem your pants and fix your shoes, the Downtowner looks small but the food is anything but.
         You're greeted the minute you walk in the door and even though it has that small town cafe feel you feel comfortable to sit and strike up a conversation with the locals.  I would suggest their "hot plates", the roast beef is tender and the amazing chicken fried steak hot plate is served on the same size platter as the hot beef but covered in white gravy that needs very little if any extra seasoning.
     At $8 this hidden bargain coupled with a bottomless glass of iced tea can't be beat and will leave you looking for the closest place to lay down for your afternoon nap.  I'm a big eater and couldn't even begin to think about a slice of their home made pie after finishing it. 
     So there you go...a couple more interesting places to swing by on your next road trip or Sunday drive.  I'm headed off to find a quiet spot to lay down so don't tell my boss.  See you next week... Remember we're all in this together.