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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



How about we lighten the mood a bit this week and take a stab at a few random thoughts?

  1. For those of you who have written and called and posted to facebook about last week’s column concerning mental illness, please forgive my lack of feedback upon your efforts. The combination of just being completely worn out and having the worst case of bronchial pneumonia that I have had in many years lead me to spend most of the week either in bed or coughing. You all are right, we must continue to speak out in these columns, and none of us should be afraid of the stigmas that come with a mental illness. Knowing that many of you suffer as well, makes it a little easier for all of us to help carry the burden.

  2. As I just wrote about, I don’t get sick very often but last week was a doozey. I finally figured out the inhaler that I was using was keeping me hyper and awake all night which made the codeine cough syrup pretty much worthless medicinally. Now if I was a drinker and liked cherry flavored liquors on the other hand, I would have had it made.

  3. Getting little sleep and laying on the couch, makes one realized that they do indeed talk in their sleep just a little more than they would like to admit.

  4. A little touch of severe weather was what we all needed, in order to take a minute and to get back into practice. It’s never much fun picking sticks and branches up out of the yards, and even less to try to track down that plastic lawn furniture but if that is the worst we get then we should feel lucky. Remember those in Oklahoma and Kansas in your prayers this week.

  5. A strange thought occurred to me on Friday. Who invented the soup spoon? Seriously, at what point was a guy sitting around and thinking to himself, “Self, I just can’t shovel this hot soup into my mouth fast enough to burn it all, so I’m going make a spoon just for soup!”. The stranger thought is why in my entire silverware drawer do I only have one?

  6. The price of gas is outfreakinrageous! If you mean to tell me that ONE refinery going on maintenance (which the gasoline companies knew about months in advance) means that gas is going to be in such short demand that it has to rise nearly seventy cents in a week, then by all means I would say that’s one pretty crafty situation they have figured out. If I know I’m going away for a week, I pack more than one pair of clean underwear! Doesn’t mean I’m going to wear them but for pete’s sake, at least I plan ahead. Are we lead to believe that no one saw this coming and it couldn’t have been helped? Nah, let’s call it what it was – a good old fashioned holiday weekend gas hike screwing by the oil companies yet again! Oh you bet, Obama has got his own mess to death with in the administration that is turning out to be transparently crooked, but until we the American public stop letting the government and oil companies get away with this kind of poppy-cock,….yeah, I said poppy-cock, then we will never see a financial recovery. So I’m going to say this once, right here in this column. To my friends who are working behind the counters at the many gas stations I like to frequent in the area….don’t you dare ask me to buy a stinking cookie that I don’t need to eat and then bend me over the counter for $4 gas and expect me to have a nice day.

  7. If you hadn’t heard. We had a giant chicken massacre here a few weeks ago. Seven of Eight are gone now, which I think was done by a pretty sneaky fox or a set of them. Now we just have Ralph the post traumatic stress syndrome chicken. He sits in the coop, only to come out for food and water and then right back in. Sad little guy.

  8. Finally this week, we are coming on a Memorial Day weekend. Take time from your camping and fishing, and racing and drinking to remember what this day is really about. Remember those who have come before, those who have sacrificed for freedoms both at home and abroad. Remember those who are fighting for those freedoms yet today, and remember to walk lightly in those graveyards as you look around. Those boys deserve the rest.

See you next week…Remember, We’re all in this together.