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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Dear Sleeping Guard,

I hope this finds you in peace, and I humbly apologize for disturbing your slumber as I walk across this quiet garden on such a bright spring morning.

Do not take alarm, for I am here not as foe, but friend and have only come to visit the old men of my youth, the ones whose faces I've long ago forgotten and the ones who still walk beside me in my dreams.

For though I was never one of you, by the conviction of your courage and spillage of your blood, I am the sole benefactor of your service. I was not there at Valley Forge as your brothers shivered in the cold of winter while trying to hold this fragile child against the wolves that wanted her dead. I was not there at Gettysburg, as your family fought to both divide the house and hold it together. I was not there in Flanders Field to witness as the beautiful poppies turned blood red as freedom was upheld. Nor was I there on the shores of Omaha Beach, the jungles of New Guinea or the forest of Arden, as the ground again turned blood red to protect all men against crimes against humanity. I was not there in the hills of Korea, the rice patties of the Tet Offensive, or in the desert of the Middle East when your brothers once again were asked to sacrifice all for a greater cause.

No, I, the child of a simple Iowa farmer, have never walked the places you have walked, nor been witness to the horror of your generations except from stories and words that have been written for the history of your time. But, although I was never one of your brothers I come today regardless of your race, or creed or political affiliation to say thank you, for allowing me the opportunity to live in a place were all men are free, and all who wish may aspire to greatness.

Your sacrifice is well noted as you remain here in quiet slumber, and we remember not only you, your life, your honor, but also those who never returned here to take their place beside you, to lie in honor with you, and to spend eternity in this quiet restful place.

I shall be quiet with my footsteps lest I disturb your slumber, kneeling only briefly to touch your names, close my eyes and see your faces, and to leave here for you my simple tokens of remembrance. Fear not for I shall not be gone forever, and I shall come again to visit you and to remember the reason for your life, and shall solemnly swear my utmost devotion to those principals which you risked all to uphold, until such time as I take my place here, to sleep silently next to you for all eternity.

Sleep well old soul, they day is done, your duty has been completed and you may rest here in peace.

Your Humble Servant,

A Free Man

See you next week..Remember, we're all in this together.