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Since the paper isn’t being published this week, let’s just do a little random thoughts for those of you that follow this column online shall we?

  1. I’m amazed and indeed humbled by those of you that take the time to read this every week. Hopefully now and then you glean a little useful information from these lines, and maybe just something that makes you think or speaks to you. Thank you again!

  2. I’ve been patiently waiting the emergence of the corn in the garden. My first five rows that were planted never came up and it was only after digging down to try to find the sprouts, I discovered the moles had made tunnels right down the rows and eaten every kernel. The rest of the garden seems to be hanging in there, although between the heat and the rain keeping ahead of the weeds has been a little difficult this year.

  3. The town of Dexter said goodbye to another landmark recently, with the burning (albeit planned) of the former elevator in town. The structure was one of the older in town and dated back into the late 1800’s. I’ll be the first to admit that it really had outlived its usefulness and in these days of gigantic grain bins and train loading of grain, it really didn’t seem to have a use any more. It’s a shame though to see it gone. Not only because I remember well dumping soybeans there as a young boy on my few trips to town with the tractor that I was allowed, but also because it was a piece of history and before the large concrete silos were built, was one of the tallest structures in town. I’ve seen a few pictures over the years of people building similar structures in that time period and I’m amazed at the skill and daring it took to put it together. But, like all things, the times change and progress leaves things that can’t adjust behind.

  4. It will be somewhat different now that the elevator is part of the Heartland Coop family. The office building, once home to the Green Bay Lumber Company, also is a building that often goes unnoticed, but is an interesting little structure in itself.

  5. I certainly hope that we have seen the last of the bad weather this year. I’m sure part of me thinks it is wishful thinking though.

  6. Fall Festival is only a few months away….it seems every year that there is a dedicated group of people putting it together, but the crowds leave quickly as soon as the parade is over. What activities would keep you around town? What would you like to see as a part of the Fall Festival? It only takes one good idea to start a tradition.

  7. I was thinking the other day as I stopped up to get the mail how Dexter has struggled the last few years as a community. We’ve weathered bad times before, and just a few years ago buildings were filling up with new stores and opportunities. Have we lost the will in this town to create success? Or is it just no longer possible here and we’ve turned into a bedroom community? I think that any small town has things to offer, but it takes people who are willing to get involved and people who are willing to support those sticking their neck out. Which group do you fit into?

  8. Finally this week, the oldest is taking a babysitting class. It’s hard to believe that she is old enough to actually watch someone else’s children. Seems like yesterday she was crawling around the floor of the farmhouse. Time moves on..

See you next week…Remember, we’re all in this together.