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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Have you ever thought of just what freedoms you have in this country? When I look at the world around us in general there are many places where one is not free to speak, or think or even write about the things that go against what has been deemed acceptable by the powers in charge. Oppression isn’t a new thing and in fact has been happening for thousands and thousands of years and yet how quickly we forget who has been oppressed and who have been the oppressors. Most of the time it might actually surprise you.

Perhaps one of the most persecuted groups of people have been those who are Jewish. With the trump card of the holocaust they have a right to feel as though they have suffered plenty. Even back toward Roman times they were under the watchful eye of the Rome appointed Governor of Jerusalem. It probably would be worth noting here that while the Jewish state and the high temple were being oppressed and persecuted that they were in turn doing the same thing to the followers of Jesus.

You can also look at the colonists under the rule of King George. We had this little tea party in Boston Harbor and fought a guerrilla war over it, and in the end after the victory was won, some went back to their homes and continued to oppress the Africans brought over and turned into slaves on this continent.

What about those descendants of the darkest period in American history? The African American to this day finds oppression in many areas of this country and yet also finds acceptance in others. The line which determines that is fine and is filled with the propaganda of those who want a hand out instead of a hand up.

Certainly today if you think about it Christians seem to be the new target of just about everyone. Whether it be Muslim extremists or the extreme liberal left in this country who can’t believe that one would continue to follow the Lord and His word, persecution of Christians continues. In the Middle East at this very moment Christians are being forced to choose between worshiping their God or converting to Islam and the “Special Rules” that are suiting the radicals in power, especially those which bring harm to women and young girls. Oh sure it’s an easy decision, convert or flee or die. Can you imagine that here? Having only moments to make that choice?

Unfortunately for you and me in this country we are getting to lax with what has been handed to us. We allow things that are wrong and then pretend with gnashing of teeth and fists in the air that we are shocked and angry that these things occur. Honestly folks, apathy is a weapon just as dangerous as any handgun or mental illness. And by idly standing by while thugs and morons are allowed to continue their destructive behavior upon society people soon find themselves at the end of that road wondering why we all didn’t stand up in the first place.

Do you feel you are a person of character? One who is able to stand up and speak out upon the injustices being committed? If you are the time is now! Maybe it is speaking up when you see them happening. Maybe it is stepping in the middle and work to bring both sides together. Maybe it starts in your workplace or your neighborhood grocery store or even at the pool this summer. Sometimes all a bully is looking for is to have someone stand up to them, and maybe the time is now for each of us to stand up and say, “I’m here and I won’t tolerate the hate anymore!!”

See you next week…Remember, we’re all in this together.