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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Sometimes I think traditions can be a little on the strange side. I hadn’t really thought that the kids and I had much tradition associated with the 4th of July until the kids started posting on social media that they were doing the annual watching of Yankee Doodle Dandy and the Music Man with me. In a way I guess that has become a bit of a tradition for us. Much in the same way growing up it was a tradition for us to watch the Indianapolis 500 on television just to hear Jim Neighbors sing. I’m somewhat shamed that even today I tend to zone the race out after the last few notes from the Purdue University Marching Band floats off into the Indiana countryside.

I think family traditions all start off harmless enough. Someone has an idea and it’s tried and they have fun so it’s done again and so on; all this in line to becoming tradition. There are families that vacation in Minnesota each year, or families that go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate the birthdays of family members and yet some even hold games of skill and chance each summer just for fun. Traditions can be a fun way of keeping family together and helping to make new memories.

Even this column holds its own traditions, from the annual Iowa State Fair tips to my list of Thanksgiving resolutions. Most important of all is the tradition of random thoughts….so let’s get started shall we?

  1. The kids and I went to Minburn for the parade last weekend and stumbled upon the Girl Scouts having a bake sale to raise money to go to Georgia. We spied a homemade apple pie for $10 and scooped it right up, Dad being extra quick on the draw with the cash, and giggled as we walked to the car lawn chairs in one hand and pie in the other, while behind us an older lady who must have wandered away to get her husband’s wallet threw a mini tantrum because “her” pie was gone.

  2. Has anyone else had problems with gnats this year? They seem to me to be worse than usual.

  3. The hazy sky from the wildfires in Alaska and Canada are really starting to freak me out a bit.

  4. Not as much as what I’m sure I saw last weekend one evening around dusk walking up the road north of Dexter. I don’t want to startle anyone or start an argument but it was bigger than a dog and didn’t bounce on its tail like a Tigger. I hate to even mention it, because I’m sure the DNR will claim there aren’t any around here either.

  5. If it ever stops raining I’m guessing there are going to be a heap bunch of mosquitos around.

  6. Mark your calendars for July 18th. There is a major “conference” taking place at the Roundhouse dealing with Bonnie & Clyde and there is talk of nearly 300 people from as far away as Texas coming to attend. Could be an interesting day if you are free.

  7. A huge shout out to the idiots at TV LAND who have shown just how much the political correct movement always causes over reaction by pulling the Dukes of Hazard because there is a confederate flag on top of the General Lee. However The Jeffersons still holds a spot where certain members of the cast are constantly referred to using racial slurs. Keep it classy my friends.

  8. For State Fair Fans you’ll note that it is now almost just a month away to the start of the Fair and in the biggest announcement yet, you will be happy to know that Egg on a Stick will be there again this year!

  9. Finally this week. I spent a little time in Redfield a few weekends ago and saw a few familiar faces from long ago. It was an enjoyable time and I only wish more people had taken the time to come. It’s amazing to me to see just how much we have all been through and struggled with and overcome in the last twenty five or so years but just know that I’ll be there again the next time and I’ll be as glad to see you then as I was now. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.