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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



It has been a while since we’ve just visited so let’s take a moment and travel along with a few random thoughts.

  1. Even though we really need the rainfall, the corn seems to be surviving and a few fields began tasseling this past weekend. The sweet corn crop is in its first few days and so far the corn I’ve tried has been really good.

  2. I’m concerned that we (all of us) are losing our sense of who we are. When did we stop being Americans? Suddenly everyone needs a label and use those labels as though they give them some sort of super powers. I actually heard a gentleman on the news the other night saying that because a young black man who had been assaulting a white man was shot and killed, that his civil rights had been denied. Now I was a little confused so I poked around until I found the interview again, and that’s exactly what was said. Your civil rights do not grant you the right to be free from recourse for your actions, nor should your label (black, gay, nerd) be thought of and used as a “get out of jail free” card. Sorry folks, it doesn’t work that way. If you are going to be an idiot and do things that are against the law, your race nor do your civil rights, give you the right to be free from a penalty for your actions.

  3. I’ve been collecting cats at my house the past couple of weeks. I’m not doing so on purpose, but do find it odd the number keeps increasing each night when I feed them. I am almost convinced that there is going to be a feline coup at some point, so I’m watching my step carefully. Meanwhile, George the chicken, is silently building a home security system in his coop. I may just move in with him.

  4. I was at Wal Mart over the weekend looking for Twinkies when I stumbled across a real deal. A complete set of Paula Dean cookware marked down over half off! Now if you haven’t been paying attention, evidentially Wal Mart is joining the crowd who are quickly throwing Mrs. Dean off of their ship because of a complaint filed by a former employee of Mrs. Deans, which notes she used a racial slur towards her. I’ve said this before, and I will restate it again. I abhor the “N” word, as much as I dislike the words “retard” and “queer”. I don’t use them in my daily speech, and shudder when I hear them said in public. However, until I can turn on my television and not hear the words used in movies, music videos and said on the street, then no one has a right to stand up and stomp their feet claiming their feelings have been hurt.

  5. I would be reticent if I didn’t mention how much fun I had visiting with people at the Early Chapel ground breaking over the past weekend. In a time when so many country churches are having to make the choice to close their doors, building for the future shows true faith. I wish you all the best.

  6. Who knew that Rice Krispy Treats are really easy to make? Unfortunately trying to melt marshmallows in the microwave isn’t as easy or clean as it sounds.

  7. Speaking of microwaves. I came home from church a week ago and slipped a hot dog into the microwave for lunch. I set it for one minute and hit the button. Twenty-nine seconds in the hot dog exploded into a million pieces and the microwave made some sort of guttural moan and then exploded. So the last week I’ve been stuck without one. I’ve learned that although it is great that I know how to cook so I didn’t starve, it sure leads to lots of dirty pots and pans.

  8. Where has the summer gone? State Fair is only a few weeks away, as is the start of school. I’m still irritated by schools that start before the Fair is over. Years ago, when schools asked for a waiver to start before Labor Day, it was granted after the schools promised not to start until after the Fair. The Fair did their part and moved its ten day run up a week. Unfortunately the schools acted like a houseguest that has stayed too long and soon crept up their starting date until we have the current situation.

  9. Speaking of current situations….two thoughts…First...Floppy is still in the basement and the ISHS powers that be still think the “Floppy Movement” is a joke. Second….I read a column in this paper a week or so ago and one person was badmouthing farmers because we all know how farmers pollute the environment. I hope that columnist didn’t write on a full stomach. Further why doesn’t anyone ever throw a fit about the amount of chemicals used on lawns in cities, or the wonderful way appliances find themselves in country ditches over night?

  10. Finally this week, I am disappointed in my lack of motivation when it comes to yard work lately. I noticed that my garden needs weeded when I came home from work, but decided since it was hot, I’d go inside and lay down for a while. A good nap got me over my disappointment.

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.