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As though we were all seeds planted in the dark cold ground just waiting for the right time to sprout, so again our favorite time of year rolls around and as promised here is the annual Weez’s Tips for visiting the Iowa State Fair.

  1. It’s hot; stay hydrated. It’s crowded; be patient. It can get expensive; don’t overlook the free things!

  2. This years’ butter cow companion sculpture will be Laura Ingalls so for all of you Little House on the Prairie fans, you should start lining up now.

  3. Can’t make it to Storm Lake for Iowa’s Best Burger? Don’t fret. The award winning Hereford Burger will be served one day only, Friday, August 11th at the Cattleman’s Beef Quarters.

  4. I could write a book about all the different and new foods available this year. I’ll just leave it at this; for those of you who are kind of grossed out by someone gnawing on a turkey leg, wait until you see them working on a pork shank. I’m not kidding here.

  5. If you happen to see local girl Mindy Williamson around the grounds be sure to give her a big thumbs up, and if you happen to have some sliced up watermelon stashed in your pocket I’m sure she would share with you.

  6. I’ve always been a fan of going as early in the morning as I can. Yes, not everything is open at 7:30 in the morning, but there is always a stand that will sell you a corn dog and it’s nice to get your “Fair legs” under you before the grounds get really full.

  7. If you have little ones who shouldn’t be around the midway, you’ll need to head down just north of the Jacobson Center where their sized rides will be in a new area called Thrill Town. The usual assortment of rides will occupy Thrill Ville in the old midway spot and on the far southwest corner of the grounds by the 4-H building you’ll find the truly heart-stopping rides only available in the Thrill Zone.

  8. You will notice some changes for those of you who park and enter from the north lots. A new tram service will be there to help get you a little closer from the car to the gate which will probably be of more use at the end of your day. There is also a new entrance and with the removal of the race track this area should seem cleaner and more inviting instead of a strange armpit that you had to wind your way through.

  9. Speaking of Trams…When your feet are tired and you want to ride around and people watch or missed Pioneer Hall but aren’t about to tackle that hill again, hop on the free Tram driven by our FFA Alumni friends. If you happen to be on a tram driven by a devastatingly handsome guy in a beard you’ll be in good hands as long as I’ve had enough to eat to tide me over. There are four trams running a continuous loop inside the grounds all day so don’t be shy about riding with us.

  10. There are a number of buildings that you can go into and sit down if you need to cool off including the Pioneer Pavilion which may surprise you.

  11. Remember to be aware of your surroundings while at the Fair. This is especially true if you stop to talk to someone, have a call to answer on your phone or are attempting to figure out where you are. Please don’t stop on the sidewalks and in the streets, just step off into the grass, no one will yell at you I promise. Also grassy slopes in some areas on the hill are great places just to sit down and rest against a tree with your eyes closed for a while.

  12. Whatever you do, enjoy your experience at the Fair. Whether you are there for an hour, a day or the entire ten day run, remember to have a good time, don’t get too stressed out and relax for a while. Winter will be here soon enough and we will have to sit around in the house for three months wishing we could be at the Fair again. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.