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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Random thoughts….short and sweet this week, only because I don’t really feel like saying much.

  1. I’ve already had it with political commercials. Can we just skip the election this year and put in anyone but the people who have been nominated?

  2. If you make $19 million dollars a year you are not oppressed regardless of what color your skin is.

  3. I let the chickens out for the first time yesterday when I was mowing the yard in the hopes that they would clean up a few of the crickets and grasshoppers in the yard. After two hours of having they follow me around as though I was the mother hen, it kind of freaked me out and back in the pen they went.

  4. Proving once again that being a celebrity doesn’t make you smarter, was a recent tweet that we should eat less meat so that starving people could have it. Uh..yeah.

  5. Bacon. Love it.

  6. Best comment overheard at a family gathering over the weekend. “Mom are you on Facebook?”:
    “I was responding to texts and got sucked in.”

  7. I finally visited the daughter’s dorm room. The room seemed much smaller than the ones I remembered. She loves it.

  8. Harvest is coming soon. Put down the phone and drive.

  9. Finally, I like talking to people at the post office that I don’t know when I stop in to pick up my mail. You would think I would know everyone since I’ve lived here my entire life, but there always seems to be someone new which is kind of cool. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.