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There is nothing better than enjoying a long weekend. Of course, coming back to the working word and the overfull email inbox tends to make one wonder what we really get out of those extra days off, so let’s keep things short and to the point with a few random thoughts.

  1. Big game this weekend. After last weeks games I’m not sure either Iowa or Iowa State look all that sharp but it should be a good match up.  And if the weather forecast holds true a wet one.
  2. I’ve begun noticing the Monarch butterflies in the usual resting spots as of late. It is kind of amazing to see hundreds of them in the trees taking a rest on their way south, which of course means colder weather is on the way.
  3. I’ve been hungry for something lately, but can’t really put my finger on what it is. Over the weekend I ate some bacon…nope..that wasn’t it….. had some fried potato hashbrowns…nope..not it either. I’ll have to keep searching I guess.
  4. Our luck with dogs continues to go south. Buddy the dog, the latest in the long line of man’s best friends that have called the farm home has been missing for four days. At first I wasn’t too worried, as he likes to go to town a couple times a month, but Max found his collar in the yard over the weekend which made it look like someone took it off of him and took him. Poor Max can’t catch a break it seems.
  5. If you would have told me we would have made it through an entire summer without a real tornado threat I would have told you that you were crazy. I wonder what the winter will bring? I’m sure they’ll be a little snow…a little ice..and in three or four months I’ll be wishing it was Summer again.
  6. I think the kids are finally in the swing of school and seem to be doing well. I made a deal with them that each 100% on their weekly spelling tests would earn them a quarter and so far I’m out 50 cents! I was a horrible speller in school, but it’s something that I find the kids really excel at.
  7. Almost time for the last family camping trip of the season. Good thing too. I seem to have had a visiting mouse in the camper the other night and found him desperately trying to jump out of the trashcan. Weez 1- Mouse 0
  8. Finally this week…( I told you it would be short) I found out that home canning is the hottest thing going across the country right now. Canning supplies are flying off of shelves and the Ball jar company is looking for a record year. It’s funny to think about how much I despised canning season when I was young, and I guess that the scores of ladies in my family were onto something all along.

See you next week. Remember, we’re all in this together.