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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



There are some times when the seemingly endless parade of life continually rolls forward as you stare life in the face. One choice in life leads us down a path and as we work ourselves through the everyday garbage that life hands to us, we take it upon ourselves to put our heads down and move forward, or suddenly stop moving in the quick sand that life can become.

Every once in a while, it seems, life throws one of those curve balls at you and it beans you square in the head. Now if I had been a baseball player maybe I would have seen it coming, but I don't have time to stand at home plate swinging away, but rather it seems sometimes that life generally makes us run the bases never quite reaching home plate. We get it within out sights, but then before you know it, you're in between first and second in the middle of a "run-down play.", and you aren't the one who has a glove.

So what does a person do when life turns that way. When all the sudden you are prepared to hit a run, bunt the batter on third across the home plate, or hit that sacrifice fly to score the go ahead run? Do you give up? Take your glove and walk away, go home and never enter the game again, or do you get back up, dust off the trappings of life and step right back up to the plate? Seems to me that the only real way to win the game, whatever game that may be, is to dust yourself off, learn from what has happened and get ready to swing away again.

Many times we spend our entire lives dealing with things we would rather not. We take chances, make a bad swing and end up struck out at home in the bottom of the 9th with two men on. Instead of being thankful for having the opportunity, we languish in the fact that we didn't score the run, that we weren't perfect. But maybe life itself isn't really about scoring runs in each inning, not really about being a part of the team either. Maybe the entire game is about crossing home plate before you are thrown out. So why do we worry about the boo's and catcalls from our fans and detractors? Why get caught up in rule book wondering if it's our turn or not.

Maybe, just maybe, what is really important is playing the game of life, not necessarily playing to win, but playing just for the pure joy and fun of playing. Because at the end of the game, when the lights are turned out and the last of the peanut shells have been swept up from the stands, there is only you standing on that grass field in the peace and quiet that comes at the end of the night, at the end of the game. Maybe that is where the real truth lies. Not in winning...but just being in the game.

See you next week..Remember, we're all in this together.