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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



We all awoke Monday morning to the news of another mass shooting and before the numbers of dead or wounded were completely tallied politicians and celebrities were falling all over themselves on social media giving us their latest input. It is amazing to me how money, or fame, or social status gives someone the ability to call themselves an expert and yet that is exactly what we see. Not everyone was quick to jump on the gun control band wagon and to be really honest the statements ran the spectrum from thoughts and prayers for the victims to a tweet from the former Secretary of State concerning the use of silencers and how many more would have been dead if the NRA gets its way.

Certainly none of us would for one moment pretend not to be shocked and appalled by what took place, nor should the debate over our love of firearms be ignored, but what is so very disturbing to me is that in the aftermath of senseless killing we turn our shock into a debate and suddenly everyone who has ever appeared on television has become an expert in the way you and I should live our lives.

Could our problem be much larger in the fact that we have become with every passing day and increasingly instant society. We spout off our first thoughts and reactions the minute things happen. We share intimate and mundane details of our lives as though someone, anyone would be interested in what we had for lunch or the plethora of suddenly lost pets. We no longer take the time to think through our thoughts before we share them with the world. In my younger days you would tell what you were thinking to your best friend first, and usually they would tell you that you were being a goof or at some point you realized that the best course of action was to keep your mouth shut. Sadly we don’t do that these days.

It’s about how many “likes” we get, how many times someone with requote us or how polarizing we can make the discussion of important things. It’s instant, there isn’t really anyone keeping us in check and in the end there really isn’t any accountability for what we say. I’m not for one moment saying that the lack of instant news in this instant would have made a bit of difference, because honestly I don’t think that it would have stopped the horrible events in Las Vegas from happening. But maybe we need to concentrate on what is important…that the lives of fifty plus individuals have ended unnecessarily and countless others share in the nightmare of the event. Again I will preach it…the farther we move away from God the less we are in a position to do good and I hope that anyone who doesn’t feel heard, who has to spout their opinion on social media or resort to other means of being noticed will understand that the only path to reward is by walking with the one who created us and gives us life. See you next week…remember we’re all in this together.