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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Thirty-seven hours of overtime in one week means it's pretty random upstairs so we need to take a deep breath and see what trickles down.

1. Harvest is certainly in full swing. Please remember to slow down and give farm equipment a wide berth. Word around most of Iowa is that yields looks great but the corn is snapping over from the weight of the ears. I've heard of corn above 300 bushels to the acre around West Bend, which means they have good ground or went to church all at the right times.

2. As those of us in the Ag industry work to bring in the harvest we appreciate the warmer weather so that we can keep our hours up, but frankly I may start getting just a bit grumpy if it doesn't rain soon.

3. I get way too much of my news off of Facebook these days. I wonder if anyone has a real job or if they just sit around waiting to post some complaint about their neighbors or the town they live in. As I've often said...make sure your laundry is clean before airing anyone else's dirty on your line.

4. From what I hear we have some younger drivers terrorizing the good citizens of Earlham. May I suggest a five pound bucket of roofing nails? I'm sure the good folks down to Earlham Building Center could set you up.

5. I'm wondering if we have a new UPS guy on our route. Last week I two packages with my address but a neighbors name on them. Don't tell me that UPS and the postal service are in cahoots and no longer know where you have lived the last thirty years.

6. Both Earlham and West Central Valley FFA Chapters are having their annual Fruit Sales. If you haven't seen an FFA member at your door call the school. Tell them Weez sent you.

7. If you haven't had a chance to stop in and veiw the displays at the Redfield Museum it is well worth the trip, especially right after a good Legion breakfast.

8. Finally this week. If you start out the day putting two socks on but come home at night and find three when you take your clothes off does that mean you are loosing your mind and didn't know there was a sock stuck in your shirt all day? Or could it be some sort of sign that I need to fold and put my clothes in the dresser rather than just using the couch for one? See you next week...remember we're all in this together.