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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



Those who know me know that there are only really two things I hate. Green Beans and Nebraska football. My long time hatred of green beans has been well documented to anyone who has read my column a time or two, but I’ve never spoken much for my disdain for Nebraska.

Don’t get me wrong I think Nebraska as a state is ok. I mean what parts of it I have seen, during the daylight. But there is something about Husker football that just makes me shudder to my core. It may be that every year as football season approaches I look over the ISU schedule and think to myself, “Well here is another weekend that will be ugly.”

I’ve been in the stands at Jack Trice and watched as Nebraska pummels my beloved Cyclones time and time again. There have been glimmers of hope, some could have would have should have games and then there are games when I’ve wondered if Iowa State should just bring along everyone on the Drake and UNI teams when Nebraska would hang 70 points on the Cyclones.

But this weekend…WOW! Really what more can I say…Good Guys 9 Not Good Guys 7. 

Now if you are a Husker fan I’m sure you’re already saying to yourself that you gave the game away. That Iowa State didn’t come into your house and hand you a big L in the Win-Lose column. That your coaching was bad, the officiating horrible and above all, that it must have been another sign that Tom Osborne needs to step out of the AD’s office and back onto the field. Cry me a river!

For most of my adult…check that… for most of my life I’ve lived with the humiliation of being a Cyclone fan anytime I would drive across the Missouri River, but not this year. This year I’ll visit Omaha and wear my ISU shirt proudly!

What makes the game even more exciting, is the fact that despite injuries, despite players sick with the flu and spending time expelling their lunches into buckets on your sidelines, the players have come together as a team and have a man at the helm who not only believes in them, but in Iowa State as a place where there can be success.

So for now…we in the Cyclone Nation will revel in this victory, prepare for next weeks game and keep cheering on our team. Because it may have taken 32 years but revenge is a very sweet thing. Oh an Husker fans….remember it’s only a game.

See you next week. Remember, we’re all in this together.