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You know that when the FFA kids start coming around selling fruit that it’s time for the annual pilgrimage to National FFA Convention. As an Alumni member it means the trip to Indianapolis to visit old friends and take part in the Alumni meeting that is held there each year. Here are a few random thoughts from the trip…

  1. I’ll dance for joy if they ever decide to move convention back to Kansas City where it belongs. Seven hours one way in a vehicle is hard on the backside and the nerves of everyone involved.

  2. The group that I go with every year decide against taking our chances with a random hotel and decided to go together and rent a house. The cost per person was about a third of what it would have cost us for a hotel room and we all felt comfortable and had space to move around it. Also having the ability to make meals and sit and communicate with each other in a comfortable environment really made the stay part of our trip extremely enjoyable.

  3. If you ever get to Louisville, Kentucky you have to eat at Mark’s Feed Store. Hands down the best barbeque I’ve ever had.

  4. We visited a distillery one day and in the tasting room I realized that any tour like that, even in a winery, the tasting is the part I dislike the most. While everyone else was sitting there talking about how they could taste the flavors of the different kinds of bourbon we tried I was just thinking to myself, “It burns my tummy and tastes just like the last one I tried.” Maybe I just don’t have a sensitive enough palate.

  5. When you haven’t seen a person in thirty years there is a bit of nervousness that goes into any meeting, but soon floated away once you realize that you still had things to talk about and may have changed a little bit over the years, but that you still enjoyed being around them.

  6. Hard work never ever out plays luck.

  7. Des Moines desperately needs a Steak N Shake restaurant.

  8. I’d never had scotcharoos made with Rice Chex instead of Rice Krispies before. Much better.

  9. There really isn’t any scotch in them.

  10. The phrase “Dilly, Dilly” really is contagious.

  11. Finally…This community and our area should be really proud of the new National FFA Secretary, Erica Baier. An Adel girl who is a member of the Earlham FFA Chapter, she was selected from candidates from across the United States to serve this year. I’ve known and worked with a number of young people over the years and I can say that hands down she was the perfect pick. Next to her smile and contagious personality what I like most about her is that the Erica you see in public is the same one you see in private. She’s just a good person from a good family and we can all be a little proud that she is one of our own. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.