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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



For many of you Wednesday came and went this week without much fanfare, although you may have noticed that the banks and post offices may have been closed. But for many of us at 11 a.m. we stood silently, heads bowed for two minutes in honor and memory of all who have taken the oath to uphold freedom across the world.

Today's solider is better equipped and better trained than any that have come before, but the method of warfare, while more advanced still carries the mental torment with it. Early doughboys in the trenches of France refered to it as being "she'll shocked", although today we know it as post traumatic shock syndrome. Unfortunately it took years to admit that it occurred and yet we still don't devote the resources that are needed to combat it. I feel most for those forgotten, who spent time in Korea and Vietnam who came home without fanfare and spend their days wandering the hills and rice paddies in their minds, not knowing where their youth went. What is most left oif of the discussion is what affect the disease has upon those around the veteran; the sweetheart who tries her best to comfort the night terrors without becoming a victum of violence, the friends and coworkers who try to understand but really can't imagine what has been experienced by the vet, and the children who can't understand why mommy or daddy can't smile.

We as a society ask of others constantly to protect and safeguard the freedom and liberty of all peoples, yet we care more about the gender issues of a celebrity or how many wins and losses our team has than to start having the conversation about what we really can do and really need to do to repay this debt to our veterans. And then we need to end the mindless chatter and feel good "woulda, should, coulda" talk and instead call ourselves to action taken winning the war against it.

As long as man roams the earth it seems a foregone coinclusion that war will always exist somewhere. Even though we are diligent in our watch, at times we can do little bit wait and watch as minor issues erupt into all out chaos. Still we remember those who have served, we thank them for every moment they have given and pray that they will find peace and that we all can find a world where peace exists. See you next week...remember, we're all in this together.