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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



How about a few random thoughts this week?

  1. Christmas is only 20 some days away...where did this year go?
  2. I was driving back to Earlham the other night from Stuart and looking at the Christmas lights. It is interesting to note who puts up lights and more importantly when they turn them on. You have the camp that says; "Hey, honey? It's August 25th and I just put the Chritsmas lights up on the house how bout we turn them on?". And there is the camp that absolutely can not flip them on one minute before thanksgiving. Either way I like both camps and as I drive around looking at the lights, or pass by that farm house with a single strand of lights wrapped around the evergreen tree in the front yard, I am reminded of the beauty in this world.
  3. Speaking of beauty... I'm going to talk to the guys for a minute here, can occupy yourselves as you see fit here. Men, you know it wouldn't hurt you to get up from your chair and walk out into the kitchen and tell that woman standing there that she is beautiful and you love her. I mean come on. We guys aren't the most thoughtfull and caring indviduals sometimes. So get up...go in there and tell her, and heck, why not just grab her around the waist and plant a big wet one on her; unless the woman in your kitchen is the home health nurse, in which case they are probably going to up the doses to your meds.
  4. O.K. I'm officially over turkey.....note to the person who left less than a spoonfull of green bean casserole in the fridge there. Thanks for eating what I wouldn't but come on now.....That's like drinking out of the jug of milk and putting it back in there empty.
  5. Any guesses on this winter? I heard the other day that we would have a mild December but January and February will make us wonder just how far north we live.
  6. I got to tour the former All Saints Church building in Stuart last week. Still a truly remarkable building and the work that has gone into it is amazing. If you are looking to rent a unique space (West Central Valley will be holding prom there this year) check them out on the world wide web.
  7. Just north of Dexter the marker for the National Plowing Match is up. Looks really nice and is a fitting tribute to an important part of the history of this area.
  8. Finally this week, I believe that one of the most important things you can give this time of year is the gift of life. Ok, let me rephrase that before I have a bunch of you running out to make babies. There are always people in need of blood. If you haven't donated lately, take a few minutes and take the time this holiday season and donate. It's a good thing to do.

See you next week....Rememeber, We're all in this together.