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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



     Is it any wonder that certain animals find it beneficial to hibernate through the winter months? With the advent of the beginning of December, we are greeted with shocks of cold weather that comes rumbling down from Canada. My problem with this is we really didn’t ask for it did we?

     Oh sure, there are some things that have come from the land of the Maple Leaf that we really enjoy. Red Green for instance is absolutely a treasure, and really where would 80s television been without Alan Thicke? Would the movie Uncle Buck been as funny if someone other than John Candy had played the part of the bumbling but loveable Uncle Buck? Granted, it’s great to have their yummy maple syrup on our tables, and maybe some of us even enjoy a Cadbury Egg around Easter time, but seriously did we have to add Canadian Cold fronts to the trade agreement? Couldn’t we have gotten something better like curling perhaps, since we all seem to take a fancy to hockey in this country? I’m sure that it has something to do with NAFTA after all.

     Maybe there are some other things we can appreciate coming from the land of the Mounties that will make us feel a little better about having to receive these unwelcome cold streaks. The CPR dummy which has made anyone who has ever had to certify nervous by having to yell “Annie, Annie can you hear me?” over and over seemed to be a good import. And sure I’ve enjoyed an IMAX movie now and then which is almost as fun as the time my kids have spent in a “Johnny Jumper”. But I’m not sure we really got our monies worth. Maybe they are sore at us for taking ginger ale which seems to be a drink of choice up there and doing the American thing with it and adding it to Hawaiian Punch and throwing a little Vodka in with it?

     We didn’t seem to have any problem keeping them from exporting Mad Cow Disease to this country, and although most Republicans have done their best, it seems we are going to get their brand of medical care program. But honestly, could we have at least kept the cold streak down to one or two days per year? I’m pretty sure that it is only because of their jealousy of all things American that they feel the need to send these nasty blasts our way.

     And the Canadian government has to be behind this because no one would be so cruel as to subject us to something like this, until I took a moment to think about those geese that are always driving people crazy. They could be any normal geese, but no…these are CANADIAN geese! What confuses me the most is that the American Bald Eagle actually heads into Canada when it gets warm down here, so I’m not sure why they would send us such a non-majestic animal in return. Do you suppose their version of the department of natural resources are behind this?

     If you think about it, unless we get really busy and demand a stop to this unwanted Canadisms we’ll all be speaking sentences that begin with the word “Eh” before we know it! I guess we really can’t do much about it other than to bundle up and grab a couple of board games to pass the time, ughh…except if we are going to stay mad at the Canadians that rules out Trivial Pursuit and Yachtzee!

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.