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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



With the new month and a blustery Canadian blowing this morning, let’s clean up a bit with a few not so random thoughts.

  1. I hope everyone made it through the Thanksgiving holiday in one piece. It’s always enjoyable to gather with family, even when we don’t feel our best. Especially when there is coconut cream pie. (Thanks Mom).

  2. Work continues on the researching of Gold Star boys from World War One. The list is now mostly complete, although there is one big question mark that I’ll throw out here and see if anyone has more information to help solve the riddle. There is one Dexter boy who has me scratching my head. This Gold Star boy seems to have three last names. The Dexter Centennial book and the veterans memorial in the Dexter park list his name as Vern A Standing. The 1919 Dexter Sentinel lists his name as Vern A Stanlea, Son of Wm F and Elizabeth Standlea, born 6-17-1890 and died 11-6-1918 ( 5 days before the end of the war)  Co H 359th Inf. 84th Div.  Resident of Dexter for 6 years prior to his death. The American Battle Monuments Commission who controls the American cemeteries in Europe lists a Vern A. Stanley.  359th Inf. Reg 90th Division.  Plot H Row 4 Grave 33; Meuse-Argone American Cemetery, Romagne, France with a death date of 11-6-1918. The book "Soldiers of the Great War" By Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 1920; shows him listed as Vern A Stanley of Dexter as well. .The Book "A History of the 90th Division" By George Wythe, Ninetieth Division Association, 1920 Lists a Verne A Stanley Pvt. killed 11-6-1918. So of course my question is…who is he? What is his last name? And who has the listing wrong?

  3. I didn’t have a chance to attend any of the “black Friday” festivities. It is not that I don’t like shopping, but I like to go some night about 2 a.m. Of course you have to have people on your Christmas list who aren’t opposed to gifts from Wal Mart or truck stops.

  4. Speaking of gifts….Isn’t it about time that one could purchase a Melody Makers CD? I’d buy two copies! The line starts behind me to get them autographed the minute I have one.

  5. The corn furnace continues to blow warm air throughout the house. It’s on a 50/50 mix of corn and wood pellets now, and other than a daily ritual of checking the hopper and cleaning out the ash pan every few days I’m quite satisfied with it.

  6. The deer sure have been running lately. A number of locals are now getting well acquainted with the body shop, so be careful out there driving and keep an eye out for deer…and cement trucks!

  7. I was thinking this weekend about the movies when I was a kid at the Roundhouse, and waiting for Santa to arrive on the fire truck, each of us kids getting a bag of peanuts to take home. I’d be interested to hear about your favorite Christmas memory. Drop me a line in care of the paper, or send an email. Tell me what stands out most with you. I’ll share some of these, if you will allow me, in a column around Christmas time.

  8. The kids were excited to play outside in the snow this past weekend. I was happy to let them, and very glad to be back to work after a four-day weekend.

  9. Finally this week, take a moment when you are out and about these next few weeks to drop a little something in the Salvation Army kettle, or make a donation to your favorite charity. We sometimes get a little down, and I know that for many of us the economy is making us struggle more than usual, but it is a good time for each of us to reflect on the bounty we do have and to remember those who are less fortunate than us.

See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.