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Perhaps a little pre-Christmas randomness is in order, so let’s get started.

  1. I’m good with warm and cold…but not on the same day. At the very least I could have been able to deal with it had it not been on a Monday or been ushered in by gale force winds.

  2. The nice part about the ridiculous wind early this week, is that it makes yard clean up easy for those of us who decided to not spend the weekend in the yard.

  3. Anderson Erickson Egg Nog good…Little Debbie Egg Nog snack cakes not so much.

  4. I’ve been having a little issue getting into the Christmas mood this year. I’m usually a great gift giver…always being able to find something really excellent for the recipient but this year for some reason I’m drawing a blank with about everyone on my list.

  5. If you have some free time and nothing better to do, you should take a drive up to Guthrie Center to see their light display in the park there. It’s magnificent!

  6. I’ve had a tenderloin from two different places this last week and it made me wonder which is better…one that is not so huge but for a very good price or the one that is a bit more expensive but big enough that you don’t feel like eating another meal for a couple of days.

  7. If you have been looking for that perfect word to shout during the middle of Christmas dinner for no reason, may I suggest “mincemeat”? Let the rest of them figure it out.

  8. A few of my friends have sent me recent pictures of their trees and while I commend them for their decorating sense and enjoyed listening to the story of their adventure in selecting the right tree, I revel in the fact that my tree has been up since Christmas 2014. Yeah I’m a little ahead of the curve.

  9. How do you care for an artificial Christmas tree that never gets taken down you ask? Well you pretty much ignore that it is sitting in the corner… that seems to work best for me.

  10. I won’t be giving away any secrets in this column about which of my nieces and nephew I selected for the annual Christmas gift exchange. Getting selected by me is a great honor which has led to such memorable gifts as puddings around the world and giant box of ramen noodles. I’ve not yet decided on what grand prize gift I shall be giving this year, but I’m leaning towards premium canned meats, a live lizard or a leaf blower. Yeah I’m that uncle in the family. See you next week…remember, we’re all in this together.