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Consider this quote from Abe Lincoln

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."



It is hard to believe that December is already here and we are getting ready to turn over the calendars to 2014. It seems like just yesterday, we were all worried about the computers shutting down and worldwide catastrophes from Y2K. Time flies faster than we realize, so let’s slow down the clock for a few random thoughts.

  1. The best part about the Christmas season has to be holiday church plays. There is something simple and special about angels and shepherds and baby dolls.

  2. I don’t like being lied to by politicians. Remember how everyone would get to keep their health insurance plan if they liked it? Yeah….Obama lied. Over 5 million people in the United States have had their plans canceled. And yet the White House wants to act like nothing happened. It is unfortunate because something I learned long ago is that at some point it is better to stand up and admit when you are wrong, rather than to be so very stuck on ones infallibility that you can’t be honest.

  3. So I’ve been reading this in this paper how certain individuals are determined to deny the publication to carry official notices based on how they feel about a certain columnist? Hmmm….first off, it is unfortunate that a group could close this publication and cause Earlham to lose its paper. I’ve been in the business long enough to tell you that official notices are a huge part of the income of any paper that is able to survive. Without that revenue, it is hard to say that the paper would continue to be viable, or even attractive to a future buyer. Secondly, how very petty to place the editor of this publication in the bull’s eye of blackmail, by threatening to remove official notices because of what someone writes in a column. Finally, there are three of us that write weekly for this publication. I can’t speak as to why my fellow columnist do so, but I don’t expect or even want everyone to agree with what I write every week. I rarely agree with what other people write in this publication, but luckily I’m smart enough to ignore it or not to completely let it ruin my day! Part of my column is hopefully written to make you think, and while you are thinking ask yourself if your actions during the week are consistent with your actions on Sunday morning.

  4. I got to play Santa Claus over the weekend which was actually more fun that I had expected it to be. No one had an accident on Santa’s lap and I had only one screamer who was fine all the way up until Mom tried to take her picture. I will tell you that it seems to me that there are sure a bunch of kids wanting I-pods this year, and yet, Legos and good old tractors still make the list of most of the kids.

  5. I read an interesting article the other day about Air Watch towers that used to be every few miles covering the routes of air mail planes before World War II. There were sites near Adair, Casey and one that I’m aware of just southeast of Stuart. Were there others in the area?

  6. Would it be bad to realize that I’ve yet to buy a single Christmas gift this year? Yeah, I’m somewhat nervous about that last minute shopping trip.

  7. Word has it that work is progressing well on the fellowship hall addition down at Early Chapel. I’ve been meaning to get down that way to see how far they have gotten but between the cold weather and trying to catch up on housework that was neglected during harvest, I haven’t made it. I’m looking forward to Chicken and Noodles though!

  8. I hope everyone who has a deer tag has a great season this year. I’ll be honest, I’d rather someone shoot poor bambi than for me to whack into one on the way to work.

  9. Yet another Bonnie and Clyde show has been made. I’ve got it on the DVR but have yet to sit down and watch it, hopefully it will be better than the Diggers episode that came out this fall.

  10. Finally this week, let’s all take a deep breath and stop for a moment to remember that in this season, it isn’t about how many parties you get invited to, or how much money you can spend, but is really about the hope that comes from a child, sent to each of us on that silent night.

See you next week. Remember….we’re all in this together.